Different types of Decking

The options for garden decking materials are not just limited to wood. There is nothing wrong with wooden decking, but if you are after something a little different, have you thought about Composite, PVC or even Aluminium?

Wood is regarded the most traditional type of material for decking, with its strength, versatility and durability. Alternative material options should not be overlooked as they may prove less costly and be more fitting with your design ideas. Whichever you choose, all can be visually appealing, adding a further dynamic to your outdoor space.
So, what are these alternatives all about?

Composite decking

Consisting of wood fibres and plastic, composite decking is designed to appear as wood. Usually available in planks, composite decking will not expand or contract with changing temperatures and moisture levels, thus it will not split, warp or crack like solid wood can.

PVC decking

Polyvinyl chloride also known as PVC. One of the most widely used materials in the world, known for its strength and adaptability. Often chosen because of its low cost, with the added benefit that it is virtually maintenance free in comparison to wood.

Aluminium decking

The next big thing? Lightweight aluminium decking, with a range of design options available, we often see it used in public places, balconies and staircases. It is fast becoming popular with decked areas too. Aluminium lends itself to non-slip, self drain and maintenance free decked areas, so it truly is the complete opposite to wood.
Keep in mind the phrase style over substance. Whilst the choice of material is part of the design stage, remember not to choose it just because of how it looks. Visual appeal is important, but needs balancing with functionality. After all, what is the point of a beautifully decked area if you can’t use and enjoy it!

So we’ve covered a couple of alternative materials, but are there alternatives to decking?

Decking is a relatively new concept in the UK, but it is quickly becoming the homeowners’ preference over patios and terraces. Timber decking in particular offers so much more than a patio, which may require little maintenance but offers little else.

A timber deck will –

  • Provide a comfortable surface for walking, sitting and even lying on.
  • Enhance the aesthetics of your garden.
  • Creates a tranquil, natural environment to enjoy the outdoors.
  • Hide garden sins such as drains, inspection covers and uneven ground.
  • Lends to modifications and can be easily extended.
  • Minimal excavation and ground work preparation when installing.