Got a Uniquely Shaped Garden or Feature? Here’s why Decking is the Solution

Have you got a trouble spot in your garden? Maybe it’s the way the house backs into the garden, with steep, slippery steps, maybe it’s a pond or water feature, or maybe it’s just an old compost heap you just don’t want to see anymore? The solution is quality decking. Decking can be customised, fitted and shaped around basically anything. It can take care of any trouble spots in your garden, while giving you a beautiful function area.

But what’re you going to use a deck for? Well, anything. Literally, it can be the staging area for a party, a barbeque, a family meal al fresco, a small gathering, a big gathering, literally anything. It diversifies and ups the potential of your garden hugely, all while looking absolutely gorgeous. It can also solve a lot of practical issues in your garden too! More on that later…

Weirdly Shaped Gardens

If you’re one of those lucky people who has a labyrinthine, twisty garden, full of weird shapes and angles, then that’s awesome! Those are the best gardens, especially when contrasted with a more modern design. However, it can sometimes be awkward designing and choosing an area for a simple chilled-out meal. That’s where some decking comes in. Ideal for customising to fit even the most irregular shapes and aspects of garden geometry, what you need in your weird, fantastic garden is a deck.

Awkward House Shapes

In certain older properties, the steps and access down into the garden can be troublesome. They can be steep, slippery or crumbling, and cause a real hazard to anyone going down them. That risk become exponentially more worrying when you consider older, more vulnerable people having to use them, or young children.

That’s where a top quality deck comes in. Attaching to the back of the house neatly, a deck can provide a safe and easy route down into the garden, and even a ramp, for wheelchair users. You can also have outdoor, under-deck storage too! This could prove ideal for the kid’s bikes or the barbeque.

Ponds or Water Features

If you’ve got a pond or water feature taking up a big chunk of the space, and you’re struggling for somewhere to relax and put some furniture, look no further, what you need is a deck. A deck can be built around ponds and water features, even making them safer if needs be for the kids. Ponds can be absolutely beautiful, but having somewhere nearby to sit and watch them is even better.

Take Care of that Ugly Spot

If you’ve got a bigger garden, you’ll know exactly what I mean here. You remember that compost heap you started in 2008 and never really got into? Or that area slightly behind those trees where you abandoned all those logs? That’s right, I’m talking about the ugly spot. I’m here to tell you, you don’t have to go to the tip, or have a bonfire or anything. Just build a deck over it! It’s not a cheat, I promise!