How to Make the Most of Your Garden Year Round

We all know that here in the UK we don’t exactly enjoy the best weather year round. Sure, it sounds whiny to complain, right after one of the hottest summers in a long time, but as we start to slide back into another chilly, miserable autumn, you can’t help but start to miss the warmth and look fondly out at the garden.

We’ve got Halloween and bonfire night to look forward to, but if you put some of our tips and tricks into practice, those don’t have to be solely indoor activities.
Here’s some of the best ways to make the most of your garden, all year round.

Beat the Mud with Decking

Even if your garden has everything else going for it, including shelter and a near supernatural microclimate, if you spend any amount of time in it out of the summer months, you’re going to be dealing with mud.
That’s no fun. It gets trodden through the house, it’s off-putting and it’s by no means unavoidable. If you install quality wooden decking, that’ll form an adaptable, comfortable and convenient area perfect for escaping the muddy British off-season.

Plus, decking is incredibly customisable, capable of providing easy access to the home, a staging area for events as well as a beautiful blank canvas, perfect for painting, outdoor furniture, and other features.

Stave off the Rain

Problem number two is always going to be rain. This is actually a pretty straightforward fix. The easiest solution is always going to be large parasols, designed to cope with heavy rain. These are actually cheaper than you might expect and can allow you to shelter your decking.
The other option is slightly more expensive but very thorough. Awnings can be a very effective way to shelter your decking, as well as being retractable and easy to move out of the way in the summer months.

Combat the Cold

Lastly, you’ve got the less than welcoming temperatures. Again, there are multiple options here, but the two best are always going to be outdoor heaters or a fire pit, both have their pros and cons, but a warm welcoming atmosphere is always going to help create the perfect outdoor chilling space.
Fire pits can be amazing when it’s quite a big, open but fairly sheltered space. Plus, you have the added benefit of being able to barbeque on them! Outdoor space heaters can be a little more costly, but a more effective solution whenever you’re lacking or firewood or the drive to start a fire!

Get Comfy

With all that warm, dry outdoor space, you’re going to want to get comfortable. That means beautiful outdoor sofas, armchairs, tables and a range of ornaments and decorations to truly make it your own.
If you really go to town here you can create a space that feels at once tranquil, welcoming and completely your own, all under the less than spectacular British weather.